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Monday, July 15, 2013

New Companion

Hey Family,

Elder Park and I are getting along great.  He's a funny, tall guy from West Jordan.  Likes basketball, and he has lost almost 50 pounds since he has been on his mission.  He's great to work with and teach with, so that is all good. Your prayers are felt, so thank you very much, you are in my prayers.  He has been on his mission for 15 months, has served in Inverness, Edinburgh, Livingston and Morningside (both by Edinburgh).  So he has now seen a lot of Scotland.  Cool news!  This next moves, there opening up several new areas, president told me they’re opening the Orkney islands, the outer Hebrides, and even the Shetland islands, way way up by the Netherlands.  Maybe I’ll go there... that would be great. 

I hear things here and there about tennis and golf, but not enough to really know what’s going on, so thanks for the update.  It really is an unreal place to live in, so beautiful and occasionally mind blowing scenery.   I love it.  Evan is just full of talents; it doesn’t surprise me that he's a good golfer. The kids got game.  Good to hear that Austin is now a zone leader!  It tells me he's hardworking and obedient.  Good for him. 

The work here in Stranraer is going very well! Just this last Sunday, Angela came to church for the third time, loved it, and expressed a desire to start paying tithing even though she isn’t a member yet.  She has given up alcohol, tea, coffee, and hasn’t smoked a cigarette since Friday!  How amazing is she?  It’s been amazing to see her through her journey to become a follower of Christ.  I was able to have the blessing of finding her, teaching her everything, and if I’m lucky baptizing her.  She is ready for baptism, but is living with her fiancé.  I’m hoping and praying things will work out so she can be baptized very soon, but as things appear now, it will be around November(because of legal issues, she cannot be married sooner, so either wait, or have her fiancé move out. I vote the latter option) long after I’ve left Stranraer.  She is so willing to sacrifice the world, give up her old ways, and is so prepared that I cannot even take credit for teaching her.  Maybe you guys can email her – it’s up to you.

I love Angela and the people of Stranraer with all my heart and I know I was sent here to find and teach Angela, and she knows it too.  I told her about the section of my patriarchal blessing, where it describes my mission, and how I will find the people I was sent to find.  I told her I believe she is one of those people.  It was a very spiritual lesson that was a blessing to be a part of. 

I miss our long drives, when we could talk and laugh and listen to outdated music.  Have a great week.  Thank you for everything.
Elder Merrill

I love to look at the pictures of you in my wee book, I have to fight some of my missionary friends to keep them, but they’re great.  Your smile is so contagious.  Thanks for being such a good influence for good to me.  The good example of a righteous young woman is more powerful and effective than most everything else.  So thanks, your Brothers proud.

I love you.
Elder Merrill

Evan my favorite little man,
I love you, and hope everything is going fantastic in your life.  You’re a great example to your friends, remember that everyone is always looking up to you, I probably will too when I’m home. How tall are you?   I love you and miss you.  Keep up the good work.  Like a boss. I think about you a lot Evan; you’ll be a great missionary.  Be good to mum and dad.   

Love ya.

Elder Merrill
The Toblerones are huge here!



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