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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feb 9, 2015


The day of my mission is indeed soon to end.  I too love the last corner of that fourth and final lap.  I vividly remember dozens of times at the PG Jr high school track, coming around that corner, having only one or two boys in front of me, and entering into the final sprint.  My body tells me I need to rest, that I'm almost done.  Adrenaline tells me otherwise, and I become motivated by the finish line.  I always was an endurance athlete.  Its better, I think.  Nothing good in life is a sprint.

Alinune is good, he seems well and faithful as ever.  I'm positive for his future.  Sabrina is doing well, progressing indeed.  Turns out, this is my last week to find a new investigator to baptize before my mission here ends.  I will have three weeks to teach, and baptize.  I'll work on Sabrina during that time, it would be nice to baptize her before I go. She is probably 26, she bore her testimony last week.   

Evan has 5 wisdom teeth? I didn't even know that was possible. haha I like the wise joke.  JOKE.  Nah he's a good kid it will be interesting to see some videos of his experience, if you take them. No coincidence it’s on Friday the 13th eh?

Elder Martin and I get on perfectly.  He's a good humble missionary, good desires, obedient, easy to be around.  He's confident enough to teach and find but still desire to learn and change what he can, great way to finish things up if you ask me.  He likes football and America and we have enough in common.  He is also President Monsons great nephew.  No big deal.  

Thank you Dad, I love you and look forward so very much to seeing you again.  The father-son relationship is a divine thing, and supplies both parties with edification and learning.  Although technology in our day allows us to communicate, these two years have allowed some time for me to rely on Heavenly Father as my father figure, to lean on him as I would you back home.  It’s done wonders for my relationship with him and everybody else in our family I believe.  I look forward greatly for the day, soon to come, when we can be there for one another again.  Do father-son things.  Thanks for being the consistent writer you have been, you and mom have been great at that.  I'm no good at writing letters to communicate, but I've done my best with email.  Soon it wont matter,

I love you Dad have a great week,

your son Elder Merrill


Feb 2, 2015


Indeed another week has gone by, I'm somewhere near 95 weeks in the field now.  Each one feels shorter, but I grow faster and faster as they tick by.  I feel stronger than ever.  I feel stronger in resisting temptation, fuller with light (DC 88somewhere), bolder in testimony, higher than ever yet lower than ever. It is a great place to be in these last few weeks.  Convert baptisms this week for the stake was one.  Alinune was baptized last Saturday and confirmed in sacrament meeting yesterday.  It was a smoothly run baptism, mostly - I forgot extra G's or even a white shirt so I last-minute improvised and used a church jumpsuit -, and a decent night overall.  I had the privilege of baptizing him, in addition to teaching him all of the lessons.  It was a fantastic 6 weeks growing with him and watching the changes and conversion take place.  Good guy.

Elder Martin is from South Jordan, he knows Brody Strong.  He played Football for Bingham, long snapper.   He's a good, obedient and hard-working missionary and I love him.  He is a great last companion, so I look forward to the next few weeks in working with and alongside him.  We are working with a girl named Sabrina, she has a testimony and desires to join the church.  Her mom is RC, lives abroad, and hesitates letting her daughter get baptized.  If you could pray for her and her situation, that would be great.  Thanks, we fasted for her this week.

I love you Dad, thanks for everything.  See you in no time,

Elder Merrill

Jan 26, 2015

Hello Family,

Wow, here goes the last transfer of my mission.  Interesting point to be at, but I feel good, really good.  Elder Zander is being transferred to Belfast Zone, and I'll be getting Elder Martin.  I hear he's new, just finished training so he'll be about 3 months out.  Should be good, I'm getting along fine with the ward and the missionaries, it is all going fairly well. Glasgow has a very bad reputation, most speak of it poorly but it really isn't too bad.  It has some dangerous places, it can be dirty and very poor as well but it has character and the people here are generally proud to be from here.  Glasgow has its dodgy bits, but also some real beautiful buildings and history.  We spend about half our time in the poor bits, and the other half in quite posh and well off areas.  I like it though.

We will be baptizing Alinune this weekend.  He is from Malawi, he is 30 and studies Environmental Statistics.  Cool guy, quiet but real funny once I got to know him.  He has great faith and real intent and is prepared for his baptism. 

Glad to hear you both got up, it is always a rewarding thing to bear our testimonies.  I do it whenever I can here.  Next Sunday is the last fast Sunday away from home, crazy to think about. 

So there you are, things are better than expected.  They are on the up, and I'm happy.  Looking forward to work with Elder Martin, President told me he was a good, willing hard worker, which I'm excited for. 

Last transfer, here we go.

Anyway, thanks for everything.  Have a great week,
I love you, see you soon

Elder Merrill