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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hey everyone,

Thanks for your confidence and faith in me, I love you all and feel your prayers. 

Mom, thanks for all your worrying, but I’m okay.  I have not been bothered with any false prophets.  I am paranoid, therefore, cautious.  I love this church.  It is true and I’m doing alright.  I love my mission and I love the Lord.  The doctrine is perfect, and it’s true.  I have made some considerable changes of heart since I’ve been here, and have become much more informed on Satan’s hand in this world and where it is headed.  But here is wisdom, stay informed, share knowledge and don't take it lightly.  Ether 8, Moroni prophesied where this world is going.  Will we be among those in the last days who are able to say that we saw what was happening before it all came down.  Read Ether 8, take it seriously, I certainly have.  But there are plenty of false prophets all over, but only we…. can invite the spirit at all times. 

As for Kolton Browns call, I say he is going to Mexico City, Spanish Speaking Mission. And that is doctrine, ha-ha… no it’s not but good luck to him.  He’s a good man and will love a mission.  Love you all so much, have a great week my family.  May God bless our home, and the country of America, it needs it.  Scotland is already blessed, it just needs more Mormons. ;) 

Adios mi familia. 
Elder Merrill


Glen Etive

September 23, 2013

Sep 23, 2013



Good Morning everyone.  It’s been a great eventful week, and my first week serving as District Leader has shown how much extra work a calling can be.  But it’s been a blessing thus far to be responsible for the accountancy of other missionaries, and to be a part of their lives even more. Hope everything is well with you all back home,  The assistant to the President and I were speaking last Thursday and he mentioned that he had recognized me but couldn't tell where from, he then told me he was from Riverton Utah.  So curious, I asked if he knew the Pembertons, astonishingly he does know them.   All of them by name!  He lived across the street from the Pembertons old house and his grandparents lived down the street from the Pembertons grandparents house in the boonies, we both shared experiences and memories about having light saber battles and playing on the trees, we very likely have crossed sabers before.  His name is Elder Alexander Neilson.

Elder Merrill and Elder Neilson
Anyway, love you all.  I miss you as usual.  Have a great week

Elder Merrill

p.s. send the photo and the story to Debbie. She will know him. Small world!

September 16, 2013



Hey everyone, this week was very interesting due to moves call.  I’m staying in Oban with Elder Urbieta.  I’ve been called as District Leader, and I’m excited for this new calling and challenge.  I’m looking forward to the lessons I will learn while serving the people in my district.  This Thursday, were driving to Edinburgh for a leadership meeting, and then driving back the same day. That’s 7 hours of driving in a day,.... but it’s so beautiful in this country that I don't really even care.  Real quick, the toothbrush you sent me is amazing; it definitely was worth sending, so thanks a bunch.  I thought sending chicken in a biscuit and a toothbrush were contradictory but oh well, I love em both.   It’s much harder to work and teach here than it was in the south, people are less open, a little more cheeky and frankly uninterested.  But the Lord is preparing people to receive his message and all we have to do is be obedient and valiant and we will find them.  Pray for us to find those people please.  They are here.

It’s getting colder and colder here, but a good friend of mine just got called to the Shetland Islands, which is much colder and windier, just in time for winter wind. So I’m not complaining.

Love you guys and hope everyone has an amazing week, I’m working on a letter for you all, I’m just very busy and my hands are cold all the time so it’s not the fastest way.  Thanks for all your prayers; I miss you guys very much.  Mom, I read through the part in the book of Mormon about stripling warriors the other day, and was impressed about their gratitude to their mothers for raising them right.  So I want to say thanks and I love you, for being an amazing mom, and raising me to love God and serve others.   I miss you loads.

Take care, with love,

Elder Merrill

Sep 9, 2013

Stone Circle

Those were some interesting stories; a mission is just such an interesting life.  Such an adventure, as you know, you get to meet so many interesting people and witness miracles.  Best job ever, I hope to go on multiple missions throughout my life.  Thanks for your testimony about Joseph Smith, he was a great man, and he does get more ridicule and lies than does any man that ever lived.  But I know he did more for the salvation of man than any man who ever lived, save Jesus Christ only.  I miss my parents, can’t wait to speak with you all again on Christmas! Looking forward to that greatly.  I love you dad, have a great week.  Even though I gave much resistance, you taught me great work ethic, so I thank you for that.  I will try my best to pass it on to my kids some day.  Love=Time.  You taught me that.

Thanks for writing,
Elder Merrill

Another Email: 
First of all, Jones moving? That’s crazy.  It actually sounds impossible; the world will never be the same.   I would have been much less shocked if you would have told me dad started watching the Simpsons, well not really.  He was always a good example of things that he liked and didn't like. 
Note to Sydnee:
You’re the best, have a great week, how’s your book of Mormon reading coming along?  It’s hard to stay on top of it.  Even on a mission.  Try your best; it really is a great book.  The only way to get blessings from it is to liken it, or relate it to ourselves.  Read, PONDER, and pray.  And the windows of heaven will be opened unto you.  I love you so much, take care and be safe.  Surround yourself with good people, and you have nothing to worry about at all. 

Elder Merrill




Oldest Stone Circle in UK, 2700 BC

Sunday, September 8, 2013

August 27, 2013

Hey Everyone,

We have some new investigators, and that is going very well.  The people we are teaching are very prepared and we feel the spirit in abundance when we teach them.  It’s still beautiful up here and we have the coolest area in the world by far.  I miss the color red, that’s weird to say, but nothing here is red.  Or brown, except brown sauce.   We hiked in Glencoe and to the lost valley last P-day, with my favorite recent convert, Gordon.  Gordon was just baptized in Pollok, south of Glasgow, 3 months ago. He is a very nice and funny guy, and loves to hike so we spend some good times together.  He fed us 3 times this week, and he lives just a mile or so away from castle stalker.  Just a few miles north of Gordon’s home in port appin, is a place called Ballachullish.  Try pronouncing that!

What can be said about my wee siblings, their amazing.   Mom and you must be proud to have such great kids; it comes at a price doesn’t it?  I love you guys and miss you very much.  Thanks for the prayers.

Thanks for the cobbler you’re so kind...cheeky.  Ha-ha I do miss your cooking.  However, I’ve become a fair cooker myself.  I don’t know if it’s anything you would consider culinary arts, but it’s good.  My favorite thing to do is, throw eggs, tuna, bacon, and Chinese noodles into a frying pan with reggae reggae sauce and spices for fajitas, and put it all in a tortilla wrap.  It’s amazing.

BTW, Scotland has turned me into a musician.  I now play guitar fluently.  I sing a wee bit more too, just a wee bit don’t get your hopes up about me becoming Zach Efron. 

I love you so much, have a great week.  Take care, thanks for everything you do for me, and for your example of faith.  The church is true.

Elder Merrill