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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 11, 2104

As far as obedience goes, I couldn't have said it better myself.  Obedience is the key element.  God has shown us all the way to live lives full of success and joy and has simply set forth which decisions to make with clarity and boldness, laying also before us the consequences and promised blessings of decision making.  And on top of that he has given us records of dozens of experiences where others have made decisions, good or bad, and related simply the consequences that fell upon them.  It is so simply laid out for us in these latter days.  Lest we forget and trod into paths forbidden. Father Lehi explained this phenomenon perfectly and understood in his old age the concept of agency and consequence, which are inseparable from one another.  

We had a dinner/lesson night with our branch president and his family, the …………., this week.  We are very close with them and they are all fantastic saints.  We had an amazing dinner; our investigator came along as well.  Sister …….. Had some cousins over, and they spent the whole time sitting with and befriending our investigator.  The second the cousin met our investigator until the second she left, she was teaching and testifying the gospel.  This was throughout dinner.  Afterwards we had a great lesson.  Our investigator got a spiritual whitewash and made some great friends, it was a great night. 

Yesterday all four of us Limerick Elders, that is Elder White and I, and Elder Sewell and Elder Johnson, drove up to Dublin.  This morning we all got up early with the DUB ZLs and played some basketball, me and Elder Stoker won. Then it was time for Elder White and Sewell to get on a bus to head to Edinburgh, as they are going home.  After they left we drove back, and spent about 4 hours planning transfers for all the missionaries going out or coming into the Zone, it takes a long time and gets a bit stressful at times, especially trying to keep them all in companionships, sometimes however you can't do anything and someone ends up alone.

I too am so grateful for our family and where we live.  It’s an amazing place.  Elder Johnson, who I am with for a couple days until Elder Henrie arrives from Glasgow, is from Provo.    We reflect often on Utah and the many things we love about it, it’s a great place.  I love you, thanks for emailing so diligently, I really do love to hear from you even if nothing is really going on.  Take good care and enjoy America, I miss her!  

Love you,
Elder Merrill


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