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Monday, November 10, 2014

Sep 29, 2014

Hey Dad,

A lot is different about my new area and assignment, but things so far are going well.  The flat is small and old, but suitable and we have hot water so I can shave properly.  Elder Pease is 6 foot 4 red head (just like my first comp) and is 19 years old.  He is from Layton, and likes guns and motorcycles and punching stuff.  We get along fine, decent actually.  He seems to be going along fine with a few of the changes that I brought to the work here, and even expressed some excitement and confidence saying, "It's good to have a companion who will help me and allow me to be the missionary I know I can be".  Its all good, and I am confident in my ability to do what I've been sent here to do.

Yeah the old Ryder cup is taking place not far at all from where I'm at.  I heard that we got wasted, expected I suppose it doesn't seem like any one has been on their game as much since guys like Woods and Phil hit the course.  That's where I live, no big deal.  Gleneagles is an amazing resort, we hopped over there when I was in Perth but never golfed there or anything.  Beautiful area.  

Sydnee has a jeep?? this is news to me.  What kind of Jeep?  So the jeep breaks and you take it to a turbo installers shop? I see what's going on here. Pictures please.

One good thing about Liff area is that it seems that all the members, of which there are 130 plus active in the ward, love and feed the missionaries regularly.  We have six dinner appointments set up for this week.  Which is great

I am pretty darn excited for General Conference.  Its a great thing as a missionary.

I've gotten quite bold out here.  Anyway, thanks for everything Dad, I love you and revere and admire your fatherhood.  Fatherhood is not a far thing from Godhood.  God understands all things, and above all names of Majesty and Nobility, asked us to call him, Father. 

I feel your prayers, its a great time to be in the full time service of God.

Have a great week,

Elder Merrill


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