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Friday, May 10, 2013

Week 6

May 7, 2013

Dear Family,

That sounds fantastic; I love St.George and miss the trips we used to take down there.  Glad you all could have some fun.  Sorry I’m emailing so late, Monday was May Day, a holiday in Scotland.  I’m jealous about the Brian Reagan thing, that sounds pretty great.  I definitely miss Zion and the mountains and such, and the sun. Ha-ha

Well... we have several investigators, one with a solid baptismal date on the 1st of June.  We’re very excited for this guy, his name is John.  Our other investigator is Allister, who we dropped because he ditched out on two appointments and didn’t return any of our phone calls.  He sent a message to us through a member he knows, saying that he was sorry he missed church and didn’t call us but he had an epileptic fit and broke his TV and threw his phone, so we undropped him and he is now working towards an undetermined baptismal date. That will come tomorrow. 

The most interesting, is one of our investigators who I told you about, Ann.  Long story short, she thinks I’m an angel because we answered her prayers, and she recognizes me somehow, like she thinks that we knew each other in her dreams or something.  Last time we taught her she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, interesting lady.  Her husband is in prison for killing her daughter’s fiancé with a knife, in self defense.  So that’s even more interesting and we sort of have to deal with that.

The package will be much appreciated; chicken in a biscuit is all I really ask for.  Thanks!  My companion and I are great.   I beat him in chess.  We work very well and are on the same spiritual frequency, so every day we improve our skills in teaching together.  All the other missionaries we meet with in zone conferences tell me I seem like I’ve been out for a year.  I literally taught some more experienced missionaries about how to begin teaching in preach my gospel, a book I study every day.  A lot.

This week the entire zone set out for a goal of 20 investigator lessons for each companionship.  It’s a high goal, but by Thursday we had 11, then Friday we had zero! We had 6 set up for the day and everyone fell through, it was a test of our faith and a stub to the toe.  But we know as it says in the scriptures whatever we ask for in faith, if it is righteous in the name of Christ, it will be given unto us.  So we did that and taught 23 lessons that week(most in the zone).

I still love this country so much; I drive the coast and countryside everyday and enjoy every beauty of this amazing place.  There is no prettier place in the whole world and I marvel and where I am every day.  I have so much to be grateful for.  I hope things are going very well for you folk back home.  I love you all and I pray for you as well. Thanks for everything you do, I miss you all.  Have a great week.  Enjoy American food, and green money.  Sorry I’m short on time as usual.  I must go.  Love you all. Talk to you soon.

Elder Merrill

I’m so excited to see you all.

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