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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 5

April 29, 2013

 I gave my first mission talk today.  I had about two hours in the morning to prepare it, and you know what?  I wasn’t worried or nervous at all.  I think because I have to teach doctrine on  wim so often I just jumped right into the planning process and spoke on the inspired topic of receiving and recognizing the spirit.   It went well and I used some great scriptures.  My favorite scripture is small, simple but symbolizes a large view of the gospel and what it means to do missionary work. Nephi 4:6.  This is pretty much my life at the moment.  Walking into the house of Laban, doing the lords will in righteousness but not knowing beforehand the things which I am to do, relying solely on the spirit of the lord and the power of the priesthood to guide my words and deeds according to the will of the father.  

Things are going fine here, were making progress and we actually have an investigator with a baptismal date set now, Allister.  We get stronger in teaching by the spirit every day and it’s awesome to be a missionary in the beautiful country of Scotland.

I’m glad you have all enjoyed looking at Stranraer from home.  Next, check out Portpatrick, it’s a wee town just over the peninsula ridge, beautiful place.  We spent Sunday there, walking about the coastline talking to people and taking a bunch of pictures. 
Hope the wee ones are doing well.  Hope yall are getting along.   Hope to hear from you soon. I love you.
Elder Merrill

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  1. Thanks for keeping up this blog. Our son will be entering the Scotland/Ireland mission on June 13 and we are following Elder Merrill's blog to get an idea of what it may be like. -