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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 16, 2014


Zone Interview Training went very well.  My interview with PB stood out as the uplifting activity for the week, and the training session went very well, ending up around 4 hours of instruction and a long day.  Later in the week, we had an exchange with the APs, which normally consists of us flying up to Edinburgh for the day, but this week they flew down and blitzed the area simultaneously. They are great missionaries and good guys, we all enjoyed the time we had together and did a lot of good work.

Also on Saturday, the missionaries (us) hosted a BBQ for the branch at the church and had a good old time and even a few visitors came.

We have some great new investigators, ……. is Brazilian and golden! Reminds me of you sometimes, short, black hair, really funny.  Similar age with 3 kids. She is really looking for and seeking peace and a sense of belonging, and already believes that the church is the answer. We are seeing her this week and will be extending an invitation to be baptized, after which we will continue to teach her, which I’m really looking forward to.  We have been working closely with our friend ………  He is growing and learning more as we apply the principles and concepts that we feel he needs, which has been shown us by the Lord.  We have really had to ask and seek for help from the Lord over …..,  as he has a desire to learn but certain concerns that make it difficult to progress quickly.  Last week, a friend of his game him some Anti-Mormon literature; fortunately he still wants to meet and learn and has always come to us with any arising concerns, but unfortunately he has held on to the book and it is causing turbulence for the Spirit to work on him. It seems too systematic when I think of it, how quick and cunning the devil is. Anytime a child of God is progressing in the Gospel, and anytime any important steps are soon to be made towards God, Satan will do all he can to deceive, oppress or even reverse the individuals progression. Even a frustration or distraction from the straight and narrow path is enough for him to start pulling his "victims" away from happiness and salvation. He has no mercy, and targets every man and woman with his stormy assaults on the spiritual, emotional and even physical well-being.
I read something interesting today; it’s easier to be obedient 100% of the time, than 98% of the time. True, but if so why do we show SO MUCH resistance over the remaining 2 percent of the rules laws or established principle of the Gospel?

The hay fever monster has come for me, and I have been suffering on and off since Thursday night.  I have been given some pills and used the eye drops, which contents are stated equivocally. Little relief is had. Oh well.

Hey! I found out today through mom's line, my genealogy runs back to Perth, Scotland!!!! We go into the Buchanan line, which is the first clan tie I ever purchased and my best one.  So interesting, I spend 5 months in the place of my ancestors and never know it until I leave.  Interesting. Also, through your line, we are from Denmark. Cool stuff. 

Thanks for everything Dad and Mom.  Take good care and stay very safe, you’re in my prayers, I pray for all of you by name, specifically according to the needs that I am aware of, and do it every night.   I love you.  Learning loads.  Loving learning.  Learning to love learning.  Learning to learn.  Learning.  

See you in no time,
Elder Merrill




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