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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hey Dad,
It’s been a great hard working week and things are going decent enough.  We are teaching some great people.  ……. is progressing alright and has many questions.  We are starting over at the beginning of the investigator lessons and building his "structure of testimony" from the ground up with a strong foundation.  He and I connect well.

…………. is a referral from an LDS friend in Arizona.  She is originally from Brazil and speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English.  It was funny, when we first contacted her a few weeks ago, she expressed at the door that she didn't have much interest in joining the church, we said okay and asked anyway, "can we teach you anyways?" or something to that effect.  She shrugged and accepted happily. She has been taught the restoration, about the book of Mormon and is reading it now.  She has lots of good questions and I feel really good about her, she is just a truth and happiness seeking person and is honest, which helps. She should be at church next Sunday.

Thanks for everything Dad; things are going great for me here in Ireland.  We went out today and drove with a member down through the black valley and through the Ring of Kerry, saw the cliffs of Kerry and loads of other beautiful sights. Ireland is a great and lovely place, it’s a shame we spend so much time in the cities but I suppose sightseeing is for vacations, anyway I was glad to get out for a while.  I will send photos next week, left my camera in Brother Kelly's car.

Love you Dad,
Elder Merrill

…….., our Brazilian investigator is doing very good.  She actually reminds me of you sometimes, she is 41 and 5foot 3 inches, likes gardening and stuff like that.  She loves the book of Mormon and is getting excited to learn more about the church. She is funny and I’m really glad I get to teach her because she reminds me so much of you.

Anyway, I hope you are doing alright and that work is treating you well. We need you so much in this family and are so truly blessed to have you in it, without you it would never be complete.  I love you so much, looking back on the many memories I have of you and Dad always gives me strength and brings a smile to my face.  Thanks so much mom, hope to hear back from you soon. 

Your son,

To his brother:
Hey buddy, glad to hear camp was rough. Those are the good memories.  Justin Allred is the man; I honored him at my Eagle Scout Award Ceremony, because of his great influence on me as a leader and a man. I love that guy and will always think fondly of him.  I would bet you a hundred bucks he never thought his leadership would affect one of the young men that much, especially myself, but it did.  I will likely think of him as an example when serving in the young men program later on in life.

Hope you enjoy your rugby camp, there is going to be a lot going there that won’t be right.  You have the power to be a positive influence, so set a good example and never tolerate anything bad.  From anyone at all. Ever.  You stand up tall and put your foot down when it needs putting down and you put it down hard. I love you, keep up the great work, I learn from you all the time and I’m not even in the same bloody country as you. Have a great week Evan thanks for being the noble person you are.

Your brother,
Elder Merrill









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