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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feb 2, 2015


Indeed another week has gone by, I'm somewhere near 95 weeks in the field now.  Each one feels shorter, but I grow faster and faster as they tick by.  I feel stronger than ever.  I feel stronger in resisting temptation, fuller with light (DC 88somewhere), bolder in testimony, higher than ever yet lower than ever. It is a great place to be in these last few weeks.  Convert baptisms this week for the stake was one.  Alinune was baptized last Saturday and confirmed in sacrament meeting yesterday.  It was a smoothly run baptism, mostly - I forgot extra G's or even a white shirt so I last-minute improvised and used a church jumpsuit -, and a decent night overall.  I had the privilege of baptizing him, in addition to teaching him all of the lessons.  It was a fantastic 6 weeks growing with him and watching the changes and conversion take place.  Good guy.

Elder Martin is from South Jordan, he knows Brody Strong.  He played Football for Bingham, long snapper.   He's a good, obedient and hard-working missionary and I love him.  He is a great last companion, so I look forward to the next few weeks in working with and alongside him.  We are working with a girl named Sabrina, she has a testimony and desires to join the church.  Her mom is RC, lives abroad, and hesitates letting her daughter get baptized.  If you could pray for her and her situation, that would be great.  Thanks, we fasted for her this week.

I love you Dad, thanks for everything.  See you in no time,

Elder Merrill

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