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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jan 26, 2015

Hello Family,

Wow, here goes the last transfer of my mission.  Interesting point to be at, but I feel good, really good.  Elder Zander is being transferred to Belfast Zone, and I'll be getting Elder Martin.  I hear he's new, just finished training so he'll be about 3 months out.  Should be good, I'm getting along fine with the ward and the missionaries, it is all going fairly well. Glasgow has a very bad reputation, most speak of it poorly but it really isn't too bad.  It has some dangerous places, it can be dirty and very poor as well but it has character and the people here are generally proud to be from here.  Glasgow has its dodgy bits, but also some real beautiful buildings and history.  We spend about half our time in the poor bits, and the other half in quite posh and well off areas.  I like it though.

We will be baptizing Alinune this weekend.  He is from Malawi, he is 30 and studies Environmental Statistics.  Cool guy, quiet but real funny once I got to know him.  He has great faith and real intent and is prepared for his baptism. 

Glad to hear you both got up, it is always a rewarding thing to bear our testimonies.  I do it whenever I can here.  Next Sunday is the last fast Sunday away from home, crazy to think about. 

So there you are, things are better than expected.  They are on the up, and I'm happy.  Looking forward to work with Elder Martin, President told me he was a good, willing hard worker, which I'm excited for. 

Last transfer, here we go.

Anyway, thanks for everything.  Have a great week,
I love you, see you soon

Elder Merrill


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