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Monday, August 5, 2013

You can see Ireland if you look really hard!
 Dear Family,
Good morning from Stranraer.  We got our phone call last night.  I have been reassigned to whitewash a completely new area as Senior companion.  The area is called Oban, a beautiful bay side town in the West Highlands. This is going to be a very challenging responsibility, but I anticipate the next few months with excitement.  I know only that "there are a few members there", so I’m fairly blind as of this moment.  If the Lord trusts me enough to open Oban, then I don't need to worry about my ability to accomplish what is being asked.  Nephi 3:7   Opening Stranraer gave me the experience I need to feel more confident.  Perhaps I will whitewash my whole mission. I’ll miss Stranraer and the people here greatly, but I’ve made some great connections and I’ll be back to see them before too long. 

Angela and I.

I went on exchange in Ayr on Tuesday with the new Elder Crittenden from Coleville, Utah. We taught six lessons in 6 hours.  Not bad eh?  Already 5 months have gone by since I've left home, that feels a little weird to say. 
Good to hear my friends back home still remember me, tell them all I said How ere yae?

Thanks for everything, have a great day.  I love you, thanks for writing today, I miss you all.

Elder Merrill
Stone Circle in Machars

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