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Sunday, August 25, 2013

McCraigs Tower in Oban
Hey Dad,
First of all, what crazy story, how weird it would be to experience that sort of thing. Nephi 4:6 is one of my favorite, if not my favorite scriptures.   We are led by the spirit all the time, daily, and sometimes we don't even know it.  We experienced a miracle this week.  It proved to us that God is preparing people here in Oban for us to teach.  We walked into Tesco grocery store, I believe it was last Wednesday, and while walking down an aisle, a woman reached out and touched my arm.  I turned and said hello.  She seemed extremely excited, told us she had been looking for us and asked for a Book of Mormon.  Elder Urbieta gave her one, and we talked for a minute, told her when church was and she said she would come.  I felt like I should invite her to be baptized, so right there in the middle of a Tesco store, she committed herself to baptism on the 31 of August.  Her name is Tracey and she loved church.  She's so happy and her smile is so contagious, I believe she is 38.  She is a lovely woman.

Thanks for everything you do for me, I miss you and can’t wait to see you in 18.5 months.  Wow time flies. Oban is beautiful, next Monday were hiking into the Lost Valley in Glencoe with a Recent Convert.  Looking forward to that, if you look through the Scotland picture book we have, it’s bound to be full of photos of my area.  Anyways,  love you dad, have a great week and God Bless.

Elder Merrill

Hello Mum,
Good morning, how are you? I miss you and Dad dearly, and I think about you all often.  I feel your prayers and want you to know your support and love is what got me here, and what keeps me here.   I have such a great family, it’s the best blessing I could have asked for. 

It is strange not having a temple nearby, I could very well never see a temple in Britain. Oh well, I do get temple hungry sometimes, especially when we talk about it.  I’m so happy you and Dad go often and I can’t wait to go again. 

In church yesterday we had an amazing lesson with our new investigator who is set for a date on the 31 of August (for the story on this, read dad's email).  It was so strong and so touching, one of the best first discussions I’ve ever been a part of in my mission. 

A great story to tell happened on the street last night, we stopped a woman who was very kind and we spoke about faith and God for a couple of minutes.  At the end of the discussion, I asked her if we could pray with her and for her.  She agreed, and I gave a prayer.   It was a very simple prayer, but when I finished and looked up at her she was crying and told us no one had ever prayed for her like that before.  It was a great experience to touch someone  we had just met off the street with the spirit.  Thanks for the info on Angela, she's great and I miss her as well as everyone from my old area.  I forgot to tell you last week, but before I left, a non member family I had come very close to through teaching and simple visits had wished me farewell and actually bought me some good uplifting Christian music.  It was a great gift, and I felt fulfilled building bridges and relationships with such great people, the name of this family is the Jordans, from Stranraer. 

Love you Mum, have a good week.

Elder Merrill

Now in the past I’ve had plenty of Haggis and Black Pudding, of which Haggis I love and Black Pudding is mostly too salty.  The other day an investigator named Andrew fed us lunch, and we had amazing sausage and chips, along with great haggis, and the best black pudding I’ve ever tasted.  It’s called Stornoway Black Pudding, and it was delicious.  That's my food log for the week.  oh and the fish and chips here are top notch.

Elder Merrill

PS. We are going hiking near the Connel bridge today, then it is back to work till the work is done.  thanks, and love ya,
Your son


Sunset in Stranraer

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