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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 7, 2013

Hey Family,

Story, so last moves, one of the missionaries in my district, Elder Devin Roper, went home early for medical reasons.  He lives in Texas, and since he has been home he has been going out with the missionaries in his ward to do work.  Turns out, one of the elders in his homeward is Elder Taylor Peterson from San Diego.  Small world

Ireland has been a little more difficult.  We have the most success in both Ireland and Scotland with foreigners, mostly Chinese and Nigerian. There are Chinese elders in Glasgow and in Edinburgh and Dundee now.  Oh yeah, for moves call, I’m staying in Clondalkin and serving with a new companion named Elder Winn. I’m still District Leader.   Interestingly, my old companion, Elder Austin, is getting sent to Stranraer, one of the areas I’ve opened thus far, so I’ve been filling him in on a lot of stuff.  It’s pretty cool, very coincidental, lots of that kind of stuff happens here.  Elder Johnson finished his mission and went home yesterday so it was sad to see him off but good as well. Elder Lesuma is staying here with me and will be training a new missionary. It’s been a very fun moves and I’ve seriously loved it, went by so fast. Days are flying by now; it’s almost 9 months since I’ve left home. Wow.

I’m happy to hear that I’m in your prayers, and it doesn’t surprise me because I feel the strength from Heaven that comes surely because of your prayers.  Have a great week,  thanks for the love and the packages, I’ll tell you when I get them, I hope soon.  Love you loads.

Elder Merrill

Merry Christmas


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