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Monday, February 3, 2014

February 2, 2014

Dear Mom,

First of all I’m very pleased to hear that my letters arrived, and at the right time. I love you all, I know I don’t physically write enough, but I’m glad I did.

……. is slow but progressing. We’re seeing her today hopefully, she accepted wholly the word of wisdom, but doesn’t quite understand the restoration and baptism, and doesn’t seem to have enough desire.  We will be teaching her about baptism this week and committing her to a date, she could use a prayer or two. We need her to accept baptism.  We’re fasting this month to have 13 investigators with a baptismal date by March.

Perth Branch is great; the people are kind and knowledgeable.  One member, (English), named Cliff is very dedicated.  He literally goes tracting like every day, by himself.  And we get some good referrals from him.  Good man.

All is well, I’m happy, growing, facing trials every week but getting better. Thanks for the love and prayers, their needed.

Love you all!

Elder Merrill

To his Sis:

Thanks for the email.  You are amazing, certainly one of our Fathers elect Daughters. I’m honored to have been called as your brother. I hope that whatever is going on in your life at the moment is helping you to grow and become a better person. Remember, there is no reward until after the trial of your faith. Expect and pray for trials, and search the scriptures as much as you can.  Read the book of Mormon as if its today’s news today. And have a great week, I love you too.

Elder Merrill

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