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Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 27, 2014


The address for our flat is 233D Rannoch Road, Perth PH1 2DW, UK.  But send letters and such to the mission home.

First week in Perth is good so far.  It’s rained every day, and the days have gone by very quickly. Church was interesting; we have a building first of all, which is unusual for a branch. Most of the members are over 60 years of age and they are a clever and funny bunch. Thus, it’s been a lively week, so far so good.  The branch likes me, and I them.  We share the branch with Elders Goodwin and Dickinson(English, but we don’t hold it against him). Good guys, we don’t share the flat.   The flat is nice, really nice; it’s in a not as nice area though. Can’t complain about anything except for that we walk, we have bikes, but the weather is too bad.  So we walk, everywhere, I’m considering getting us bus passes.  It’s a small town, not as small as the past few however.
Thank you for the scriptures on meekness.  Meekness is a great topic; it’s actually the topic our mission president asked us to study on this week in his weekly email.   Meekness is probably one of the hardest things for me to improve at, oh how my mind hates to be meek.   I have loads of natural tendency to be prideful, working on it.
Elder Arvig is a smart guy, good worker; he's an army artillery guy so we get along in that aspect.  We get along and I’m looking forward to working together here in Perth. 

We have one progressing investigator, Aimee, an 18 year old mother.  She is very open and kind, and will probably be baptized within the next month. She's solid!
I’m glad God answered "your prayer", I was hoping for Scotland as well.   So I’m happy.  I love you all  - Thanks again for the many pictures you sent me in the last package; it’s good to have them.  I miss you all.  Thanks for writing me each week. I’ve definitely become a very different person since I walked up that sidewalk at the MTC nearly a year ago.  Have a great week,

Elder Merrill
To his Brother:
Hey Buddy,

You’re definitely an extraordinary person. I’ve always seen you as superhuman, not just in size of body, but you’ve got a big heart and you’re a good kid. Remember, to be humble is not to be weak, humility is spiritual strength. If one is strong spiritually and physically, how blessed is he? It can hard to be humble; to be prideful is so easy, but step by step we can work on it.  

You’d make a great missionary, and be a great leader for all your companions and fellow missionaries to look up to and follow. You have great potential, Evan.  I never saw half of my potential until I was well into my mission, the Lord has his own ways of showing us our potential. Plus, missions are fun.

Hey pal, thanks for everything, I’m proud to have a brother as valiant and good as you. Plus you’re a tank. It’s nice to have a tank. I love you, have a great week

Elder Merrill


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