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Friday, May 23, 2014

May 14, 2014 - Transfer to Limerick, Ireland

My boy in a kilt!


Well, here comes the big 52. This Wednesday I will be on a bus to Ireland and you will be celebrating your birthday. Happy Birthday Dad,

I will be home for the next one but for now, get yourself something nice from me. I can  remember when you were 40! Crazy isn’t it? This earthly life is just kicking our butts and we aren’t even quick enough to wave it by. But it’s a great time. I’m loving my mission, and learning so much, I grateful for your mission, that you went and for the stories and experiences you had while you were there.  Those stories and the experiences you shared with me as a kid played a huge role in guiding me towards my mission.

 Well it’s been a great week.  I’ll cut to the chase; I have been reassigned to serve in Limerick, Ireland as a Zone Leader.  I'm very excited for this call and for the service opportunities that are ahead of me.  Limerick is a District but is close to being made a stake so it should be exciting.  It’s the biggest Zone in the mission so I will be driving all over the south of Ireland.  So excited for this call, should be a great time and a memorable learning experience.

I’m so grateful to have served here in Perth and for the amazing people I have met and come to know. Such a blessing it has been, so many new friends and lessons learned.

 It’s great to hear about Evan and Sydnee doing as well as they are, they are exceptional people and I expect very high things of them because of their talents and gifts, and just who they are. Our family is so great.

Alright old man, I love you, thanks again for everything.  You’re a great dad; our Father in Heaven is most definitely pleased with your works as a father and as a person. I’m proud to be your son.

Have a great week Dad,

Your son,
Elder Merrill
Tanner feeding the Peacocks

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