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Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hello Family,

Well moves is away, my companion and I are doing great together and we get along just fine, I’m going to try and learn his native language, Mauri. We have had some great successes already, and even seen some miracles. For instance, yesterday we were walking home from church, and a man called down to us from a second story balcony. We walked over and he invited us into his flat. When we got inside, I saw the worst mess I’ve ever seen.  He had been away for some time, and someone had broken into his flat, took all of his valuables and personal things and destroyed everything else. The intruders had used illegal drugs such as heroine in the flat and there were dozens of needles throughout the flat.  Honestly it was completely destroyed. He asked us why Jesus would let something like that happen.  We began to speak to him and he opened up to us, telling us about his life and many of the trials he had been facing. He and his wife were asking for help and putting faith in us, or Christ. We gave them a book of Mormon and other material and set up to see them again next Wednesday. We know it’s going to take a lot to change their lives but if they are willing to commit to the Gospel it will bless their lives.  The work goes on. Great experience.  Believing in the Atonement is believing in change. And forgiveness. And sacrifice.

Thanks so much for the package! It was lovely and the contents were perfect as usual.  I loved the cardigan thing, the blue one, I wore it the day I got it and got a lot of good comments made about it. The food and snacks and such are always good.  I will find a good use for that wee waterproof bag, and the tie as well I wore that yesterday, good looking tie.  Flippin nice. The letters were also very uplifting, especially Dads I really felt good reading that one. 20 years old... I swear I actually look older this birthday, I’ll send photos.

I got some things from the members... as usual they feed us obtuse amounts of food and this week was an extreme of the same.  We received three big cakes, three tubs of food, mashed potatoes, and Elder Shaw gave me a big toblerone without knowing it was my favorite haha and a book on how to speak Mauri.  Oh yeah the Patton’s sent me a chicken in a biscuit box so I have 3 now, best birthday ever pretty much.  The day itself was a blast.  We went out to eat for breakfast at a nice buffet and it was glorious, then worked and visited people throughout the day, I quite enjoyed myself. Eleanor bought me a small set of junior bagpipes and 2 tartan ties. The Johnstones made me a really nice card, and I love them by the way they are lovely pretty much family.

We are taken care of very well here; I had 4 families wanting to take us out for dinner I had to turn them down because we had appointments, crazy stuff. 
Love you all have a great week, you’re in my thoughts and prayers,
Elder Merrill

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