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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan 19, 2015

What a week.  It snowed a lot, and then froze over.  No one here has the equipment or the know how to drive in it.  Buses shut down, so do taxis.  I was on exchange twice this week.  The weather was especially bad on one of my exchanges with an Elder from Provo.  We had the pleasure of spending over an hour and a half pushing cars and acting somewhat as traffic control for a particularly treacherous intersection, as well as pushing many cars out of trouble throughout the day.  At one point at this intersection and it was late at night and we were at the base of a large hill, a car began sliding down pretty fast.  There were about two dozen people that had come out either to help move cars, spread salt or snowboard, and they all started yelling to get out of the way.  We watched this car plow into a BMW and another Toyota.  It was quite fun, but nuts at the same time.  At another point, while all these cars were stuck, sliding around and crashing into another trying to get up this hill, or go down it, a few cars I noticed consistently went up and down it in ease.  This Land Rover kept driving up and down, up and down, driving circles around cars that had spun out of control.  Obviously drunk they were yelling and laughing at those who were stuck.  Idiots, but the car was impressive.  The land rover handles ice and snow like it was nothing to worry about; I'll be buying a Land Rover because of that experience.  Ha-ha

Not much else to report, some good lessons and more focus on developing relationships with members.  It’s cold but we are staying warm and dry, mostly, and happy. I'll send a couple photos.  

Temple cleaning assignment sounds interesting have fun with that.  I think I've eaten at that Italian place by the way, not sure if it’s new.  Reading the words Cafe Rio...... mmm.   I love Mexican food, none of that food here.  Just Indian and Chinese. 

Thanks for everything, I love you.  Moves call next Sunday, should be good.  I'll be staying and E Zander will probably be going. 

Thanks for your prayers, take good care.  See you soon

Elder Merrill
PS. Sharing a sacrament service with Matthew Wager will be a pleasure, I prefer going 2nd so that’s perfect.  Oh shoot, I've got to start figuring out what I'm going to say.  Flip.

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