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Sunday, September 8, 2013

August 27, 2013

Hey Everyone,

We have some new investigators, and that is going very well.  The people we are teaching are very prepared and we feel the spirit in abundance when we teach them.  It’s still beautiful up here and we have the coolest area in the world by far.  I miss the color red, that’s weird to say, but nothing here is red.  Or brown, except brown sauce.   We hiked in Glencoe and to the lost valley last P-day, with my favorite recent convert, Gordon.  Gordon was just baptized in Pollok, south of Glasgow, 3 months ago. He is a very nice and funny guy, and loves to hike so we spend some good times together.  He fed us 3 times this week, and he lives just a mile or so away from castle stalker.  Just a few miles north of Gordon’s home in port appin, is a place called Ballachullish.  Try pronouncing that!

What can be said about my wee siblings, their amazing.   Mom and you must be proud to have such great kids; it comes at a price doesn’t it?  I love you guys and miss you very much.  Thanks for the prayers.

Thanks for the cobbler you’re so kind...cheeky.  Ha-ha I do miss your cooking.  However, I’ve become a fair cooker myself.  I don’t know if it’s anything you would consider culinary arts, but it’s good.  My favorite thing to do is, throw eggs, tuna, bacon, and Chinese noodles into a frying pan with reggae reggae sauce and spices for fajitas, and put it all in a tortilla wrap.  It’s amazing.

BTW, Scotland has turned me into a musician.  I now play guitar fluently.  I sing a wee bit more too, just a wee bit don’t get your hopes up about me becoming Zach Efron. 

I love you so much, have a great week.  Take care, thanks for everything you do for me, and for your example of faith.  The church is true.

Elder Merrill


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