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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 16, 2013



Hey everyone, this week was very interesting due to moves call.  I’m staying in Oban with Elder Urbieta.  I’ve been called as District Leader, and I’m excited for this new calling and challenge.  I’m looking forward to the lessons I will learn while serving the people in my district.  This Thursday, were driving to Edinburgh for a leadership meeting, and then driving back the same day. That’s 7 hours of driving in a day,.... but it’s so beautiful in this country that I don't really even care.  Real quick, the toothbrush you sent me is amazing; it definitely was worth sending, so thanks a bunch.  I thought sending chicken in a biscuit and a toothbrush were contradictory but oh well, I love em both.   It’s much harder to work and teach here than it was in the south, people are less open, a little more cheeky and frankly uninterested.  But the Lord is preparing people to receive his message and all we have to do is be obedient and valiant and we will find them.  Pray for us to find those people please.  They are here.

It’s getting colder and colder here, but a good friend of mine just got called to the Shetland Islands, which is much colder and windier, just in time for winter wind. So I’m not complaining.

Love you guys and hope everyone has an amazing week, I’m working on a letter for you all, I’m just very busy and my hands are cold all the time so it’s not the fastest way.  Thanks for all your prayers; I miss you guys very much.  Mom, I read through the part in the book of Mormon about stripling warriors the other day, and was impressed about their gratitude to their mothers for raising them right.  So I want to say thanks and I love you, for being an amazing mom, and raising me to love God and serve others.   I miss you loads.

Take care, with love,

Elder Merrill

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