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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013

Sep 23, 2013



Good Morning everyone.  It’s been a great eventful week, and my first week serving as District Leader has shown how much extra work a calling can be.  But it’s been a blessing thus far to be responsible for the accountancy of other missionaries, and to be a part of their lives even more. Hope everything is well with you all back home,  The assistant to the President and I were speaking last Thursday and he mentioned that he had recognized me but couldn't tell where from, he then told me he was from Riverton Utah.  So curious, I asked if he knew the Pembertons, astonishingly he does know them.   All of them by name!  He lived across the street from the Pembertons old house and his grandparents lived down the street from the Pembertons grandparents house in the boonies, we both shared experiences and memories about having light saber battles and playing on the trees, we very likely have crossed sabers before.  His name is Elder Alexander Neilson.

Elder Merrill and Elder Neilson
Anyway, love you all.  I miss you as usual.  Have a great week

Elder Merrill

p.s. send the photo and the story to Debbie. She will know him. Small world!

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