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Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 1, 2013

It rained all day!

Hello Family,

I’m doing pretty well thanks, the work is particularly difficult in this area so were not quite baptizing anybody yet, but we are making progress elsewhere.  This last week, we drove down to Cambeltown, and the Mull of Kyntire(look these places up), which is about 100 miles from Oban but still in our assigned area, being the largest are in the mission(we may be tied with Thurso, but I don't think so).  We contacted less active members who haven't had activity in the church or any contact for over 14 years.  They were so happy and shocked to see Elders knocking at their door and we left a couple families with several books of Mormon.  Their main problem is the travel to church, because Oban is so far away.  We are working.

I’m doing great, health wise, I’m getting fat but I’m fine.  Nah, but lack of solid exercise mixed with stress and cheap quick meals has gotten me out of shape.  Because of good fortune and natural fitness given to me hereditarily, I still was able to hike Ben Crauchan, a flipping monster.  It was fun.  There were 8 people at church today.  We are meeting loads of new people; it’s just difficult getting people to commit to come to church and things.  Opening a new area usually is slow, but I think things will pick up quickly. 

This Tuesday for District Meeting I have planned a lesson on helping our investigators and others keep the commitments we invite them to keep.  Commitments are the most important aspect of missionary work, PMG chapter 11, so it’s going to be good. Every week, I plan and give 90 minutes training session to all the missionaries in my district, record their goals and actual numbers for their work in their areas, and report to my mission leaders about the district.  In my district are the missionaries in Dumbarton and the Zone Leaders in Glasgow.  Its loads of fun, and I get to go on lots of exchanges with all of them.  Keeps me busy and traveling all over this great country.   We drive a ton!  Our mileage is 100 miles every day of the month, leading up to nearly 3000 miles every month.  Its great fun, needless to say I’m getting better and better at driving.  But I’m always tired from the journey.  I’m taking my vitamins and I think that's helping out ;). 

Glad to hear your job is going well and things are moving along as they should, you and Dad are great examples of organization and leadership, and those two attributes mixed with righteousness breed obvious success.  Plus, the blessings of me serving a mission, can’t forget that.  I love you all and still miss you.  Hope life is always getting better, enjoy your big ward!
P.S. Thanks dad for the story on your mission, I was able to look up the church on Osington AVENUE in Toronto, how cool.  It’s going to be great to be able to have mission conversations when I get back.  There’s a specific type of conversation that only return missionaries can have, it’s going to be great to share stories and laugh about mission life together. 

I miss my buddy.  Hope life is good for you pal, and that you’re staying out of trouble and hanging out with good people, remember, you become who you surround yourself with.  So... surround yourself with rich good looking evil fighting decepticons.  Got to love a good old Skate Park, but they are usually full with quite the opposite group of people you want to be around, oh and football, I hope you’re wrecking shop.  I know your working hard and I’m proud of the kind of person I was able to watch you grow to be.  Over the last few years, you have really grown up and I’m excited to have you as a best friend for life.  Make sure to love and respect mom and dad, and to always stay faithful to God.  Evan, you will always find peace and strength in the Church, it is the one true church on earth.  I love you little brother.  Make sure to say your prayers, it’s easy to forget and hard to get into the habit, but it will help you tremendously.  Have a great week punk rabbit. 

Elder Merrill

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