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Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hey Family,
First of all, have I had the experience to do anything in primary?? Hah, in my areas there hasn’t been primary, or any sort of classes.  We clump together for Sunday school, sometimes priesthood in Stranraer, then sacrament.  In Oban, the whole meeting is just Sunday school then sacrament in the same room, sitting around a table the size of the dinner table at home. But I gave a surprise lesson last week on priesthood and a talk this week on the atonement. NO notes, no books, just winging it like dad does. 

I feel as if it’s going to be pretty weird getting back and seeing all the changes to the ward, oh well, such is life I suppose.  Speaking of changes, I have some.
Are you ready? 
I have a new assignment, to serve as District Leader, and open a new area in Clondalkin Ward, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. This will be a great opportunity to serve 5 companionships in Dublin, and the ward is something like 100 active members.  In my 7 1/2 months as a missionary, if I counted up every person at church every week it comes to about 245 people, this will be covered in about 3 weeks in Dublin.  Such a difference going from 5 to 100! I’m very excited, sad to leave Oban, I feel a wee bit that my work here is not done, but I have confidence in Elder Urbieta to step up and carry it forward.  I’m also excited to serve in such a great and thriving part of the Lords kingdom.  The Clondalkin Ward has a massive stake center, and sees 100 people every Sunday.  100!!!  Even the flat is posh, we have a house and were in there with another great companionship that I know and served with In Ayr while I was in Stranraer. So that’s the news, hold on sending the package till further notice.  Love you, thanks for the email and the hilarious and curious story about the hunting trip.  Well I’m off to Ireland, bye for now Scotland!
Love you all!
Elder Merrill


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