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Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 11, 2013

Hey Family,
Ireland is colder than the other side of the pillow but it’s great.  I have found that this mission is pretty dangerous, as a couple of missionaries have been mugged in the last few weeks.  As long as we are careful at night and stay in the areas that are lit we will be good.

We have gotten loads done this week and next week is very promising and we already are rocking 2 appointments virtually every day of the week. It’s a very hard area, but I am doing my best to solve the issues that concern the area and trying to take a different approach than in the past, by the spirit of course.  I am doing a lesson at the District Meeting in a couple weeks on Recognizing and following the spirit. This week I am doing a lesson on the Book of Mormon and its application into our work, specifically in finding.  I enjoy doing district training; it gives me a chance to influence a good size of area in Dublin.  We have reactivated 4 people from less activity in the church since ive been here, so things are moving along and work is getting done.

I love Ireland and though it is great place, I just wish I had a car here, we waste so much time walking and bussing around, hours and hours a day spent walking down empty parks. We try and be effective by talking with people but there is either no one there or they aren’t interested.  There have been a couple good opportunities to teach on the trams or busses and we have passed out all the books of mormon that we had last week, which is nearly a dozen.  I am working hard, loving life. Weak, but fearless.  The socialist work unions here are thriving. You can’t walk down the street without smelling the Marxism seeping in through the cracks in the concrete, radiating from the ideologies of captivity, taking control over the hearts of many men through temptation and debt, it makes it easy to understand why it can be so hard to spread light where the darkness is so thick.  Difficult, but not impossible. No doubt, right?

Love you all!

Elder Merrill

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