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Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 4, 2013 I am in Ireland!

Hello Family,

 How’s your week been?  It’s been a great week in Ireland.  It’s been a hectic one, but it’s all coming together.  First of all, getting here from the highlands was crazy, and since we got here there have been little confusions about my district and some of the missionaries. We got here by a series of busses and a boat.  I drove from Oban to Glasgow, bussed to Stranraer, took a ferry to Belfast, bussed to Dublin, and then bussed to Clondalkin.  It was chaotic and crazy but we made it.

Dublin is a beautiful city, and everything here is so different from everything else I’ve seen my whole mission.  I’ve never been around other missionaries, and now I live in a four man flat with three other guys who I get along very well with.  We are like brothers. My new comp is Elder Austin from Phoenix, AZ.  He's 6,4 and plays baseball at Southern Virginia U.  We are sharing the flat with another companionship. Elder Lesuma and Elder Johnson.  We are all getting along great and are honestly like brothers, it’s actually really interesting it’s like living with a bunch of giants.   I’m the smallest guy here.  We are 6,2 to 6,6 and I’m the lightest at 180lbs.  The money system here is funny, the Euro is the currency and it’s weird because I’m used to the pound.  Oh well.  Ireland is great, much flatter than Scotland and so far colder and wetter, or maybe it’s just that I don’t have a car any more.  It does suck not having a car ha-ha oh well.  Every one besides elder Austin is from Utah.

 I can feel the legitimacy of my calling as people ask me tough questions, or when I find myself in a tough situation and the spirit guides me through the whole thing.  I feel confident in my ability to do anything as long as the spirit is with me.  It’s a great confidence to have and I wouldn’t trade what I know for the world. 

The stories of missionaries getting kidnapped is crazy.  A missionary in my zone got mugged last week.  Although beautiful, Ireland is a dangerous area.  I’m constantly aware and watching our backs.  It can sometimes be difficult, but I think as long as I pay attention to my conscious (the light of Christ) I will be okay.  The accent is fantastic, some people talk so fast that even I have hard time to understand it.  I’m working hard and loving life, thanks for your wisdom and example.  I’m proud to be your son.  I’m running short on time today, and I have to plan a last minute district meeting for tomorrow, it’s what I get when I put it off.  I’m doing it on Christ like Attributes and how faith affects our obedience and how obedience affects our blessings (DC 130;21,22)

The ward is huge and I’m excited to reap the benefits of a supportive area.  Dublin is a beautiful city, very European.  I’m happy as can be, and busy as can be, and cold as can be.  But I’m okay. 
Love you all, thanks for writing, have a great week and just know I love you.
Your son,

Elder Merrill

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