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Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 13, 2014

Mom, Dad, Sydnee and Evan,
Thanks for  all the birthday wishes.  It has been quite a run, best 20 years of my whole life. Thanks for all the love, support, time, money and putting up with nonsense that you’ve done for me, for all the hours you stayed up for me, for all the rides you’ve given me, for all the times you sacrificed for me.  You are the perfect family and I wouldn’t have you any other way.  I love you all.

Got our moves call last week, I’m staying in Perth according to my wishes, and  I’m getting a new companion, Elder Compain Shaw, from New Zealand.  He has been out a little over a year, older than me, he' 6 6, that’s all I know.  Our branch president, President John Ferrans, is taking us out to eat tonight, at the Carvery in the Isle of Skye hotel.  I’m excited for that, sounds posh, or.... nice. Posh means snobby rich, or really... nice, I don’t know any English words for it.

Another Good week, we did loads of service.  On Wednesday after a great lesson with a new investigator, we asked if we could do anything for her, she started to think and I looked out her window and noticed her garden/yard could use some work.  I asked her if she would let us work in her yard for a couple hours, she said, "now?" I told her we would go home and change but then would come back and help out. She agreed, so after changing we rode the bikes back to her home and spent a couple hours pulling trees, weeding, mowing, trimming and pruning her yard.  It’s safe to safe I’m grateful for all those hours my mom made me do yard work ha-ha. Thurs, Fri and Sat all consisted of service, usually helping folks move houses.  Great fun and good work.  I’m happy and loving Perth.  Dundee zone/stake is a great place to be.

Oh check this out, while my comp and I were walking to the place where we email there was this little bird chillin on the grass next to the pathway and I was looking at it like, that’s a nice bird, then BAM, a flippin falcon came out of nowhere and grabbed it and took off with it. I was like, dang Scotland is nuts.  True story I JUST saw that. Wild!

Anyway, I’ll get going, I hope you have a fantastic week and are happy and well. I love you,
your son

Elder Merrill


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