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Friday, July 25, 2014

July 14, 2014

Hey Dad,

Wow we certainly had a great week.  As an area and as a Zone, Limerick saw much success and witnessed miracles.  We set considerable goals every week for our areas, DLs set District goals, and then we set the Zone Goals.  We have done very well on all of our goals and even blew away a few.  This week we had 4 with a baptismal date, 6 at church, and 5 less actives at church, 6 new investigators, and 5 progressing.  And the zone has baptized for the past two weeks, which is great. Here is a story I sent to mom, Miracle time:

Last Monday Pday we had a couple of hours left in the day and weren't sure what to do, we decided that playing ping pong at the church would be decent and went to the chapel.  About 45 minutes after we arrived there, we were lounging around and two men walked into the chapel and began speaking with us.  Their names were …….. and ………, from the Czech Rep and Slovakia, and immigrants to Ireland.  ………. was a Less active member, who hadn't been for years, ……., his friend, expressed a desire to join the church.  They live in Ennis, 45 minutes away.  …… told me they had been discussing the Bible and got on the subject of the Book of Mormon and the Church, at which point ……. filled ……… in on what he remembered about the church.  ……… immediately felt like visiting the church and asked …….to take him into Limerick, …….. told him it would be closed but ……… insisted and they ended up at the church talking with us.  We set an appointment for Friday and went to visit them.  We were greeted by 14 Czech/Slovaks who listened intently to our message, accepted the book of Mormon, and agreed for a baptismal date for August 2nd.  Many were already members, Less Active, but four will be baptized and possibly more later on.  They came to church and loved it, met many good people and expressed again their desire to be members.  Including them and others we found this week, we have gained 6 new investigators.  And 6 are progressing.

I do love when people ask questions; it’s my favorite teaching environment.  I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that when questions are posed, I can always pause for a moment, think, and feel perfect guidance when I open my mouth.  It really is an amazing feeling, and it never ceases to amaze me that as I answer according to the spirit, I can watch the persons face become content and their heart soften.  They recognize the answer as truth and that shows me I’ve said the right thing.  Great experiences, great teaching moments.

I love you Dad, thanks for being a worthy role model and a hero.  I love testifying of the Savior and the book of Mormon, but of course everything Gospel related testifies of the Savior.  That’s really what the gospel is, and what the scriptures are.  Everything we do is to remind, teach, direct or otherwise console us in the direction of Jesus Christ and who He is and what He does.  The sacramental prayer isn't just for the time that the sacrament is being passed; to be forgot when the class bell rings.  Instead, that prayer should carry on in our hearts throughout the week.  Our covenants aren't just for Sundays either.  I love the Gospel and the doctrine and everything about the church. Can't get enough. 

Loving my mission, things are hard but obviously the work is fruitful and time is flying by.  I lie down to bed every night thinking, holy smokes I swear I just got out of this thing.  Crazy.

I love you Dad, thanks for everything. 

Elder Merrill
PS allergies gone.


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