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Friday, July 25, 2014

July 7, 2014

Jul 7, 2014




Im doing great and loving the Limerick Branch, and the people here.  ……… is in the Canary Islands all last week and gets back tomorrow, so unfortunately we haven't seen her in over a week! But she is solid as can be and loving the Book of Mormon, we just need her to experience sacrament meeting, to feel the spirit in the church and to meet some of the great members in this Branch.  She has a testimony and has received a few spiritual witnesses of the truth.
For the fourth of July, we had a BBQ at a members home(the wife is American) and we threw around a football, they even had a baseball and gloves.  I could still throw the baseball but I was definitely rusty, remember the old days when we used to throw the ball around in the back yard?  Those times were alright.

Interesting you talk about Grandpa, I was actually thinking about Grandpa Jim last night!  I was filling out a My Family - Family History Booklet - and contemplate the few yet vivid memories I have of him.  My earliest memory, is looking at Grandpa Jim while we were playing that little frog game where the frog would spin around and you would flick the little flies into its mouth.  Great memories, he was a good man and I'm very sure he instilled many of the healthy mannerisms that I have today.  You and dad raised we very well on top of that, I have often thought to myself, "If I can raise my own kids the way Mom and Dad raised me, they will turn out alright".  Lets be straight, I will need pointers along the way, but I can recollect a few principles of parenting from you and Dad.  One thing was, you guys always spent time with me, it always amazed me and still amazes how much time, money and energy you both sacrificed for me.  You may not know how aware I was of all the sacrifice because I may not have said anything, but I can think back and recall how I felt the many many times you or Dad did anything for me.  Whether it was 5 dollars for a movie ticket, a ride to a friends house, a small word of advice, or a vacation to Alaska.  All these things made a huge impact on my life and whenever I was faced with decisions between right and wrong, my relationship with you two was the first thing that influenced that decision.  It always pulled me to the right way. Thanks for that.

I love you Mom, thanks for your endless service.  Surely there is reward in heaven for every single sacrifice you have made and do still make for us, tenfold. Your a great mom, couldn't be happier.

Elder Merrill




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