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Friday, July 25, 2014

July 21, 2014

Hey Dad,

It was another great week  indeed.  Walks are nice, you certainly wouldn’t want to be walking around Limerick after 10pm ha-ha but we did go on one in the afternoon yesterday with an investigator who is progressing nicely.  The walk was on a beautiful golf course called Doromond Castle I think, it was nice and we got a lot closer to  ………..   She and I spoke lots and lots of Spanish and I’m pretty sure my Spanish is as good as it has ever been, we spoke quite fluently about all sorts of things. 

………  and his family came to church again, he is doing good and still preparing for his baptismal date on august 2nd.

This week, on Friday, we had an All-Ireland Multi zone conference and Elder Dyches from the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to us.  He and his wife gave us all some great instruction and I had some time to speak with them both for a while afterwards before they flew off to Germany.  Have any of our Merrill’s served missions in the New York area?  Sister Dyches was wondering. Very spiritual and uplifting conference. 

I hope your staycation goes well and that you have lots of safe fun. The HG is an incomprehensibly important blessing and gift.  Certainly one of Gods greatest gifts, as it tells us in the Gospel Principle manual.  He always speaks, so we have to listen all the time.  Because as Brother Williams story shows, it can come any ANY time at all, and especially when were not ready for it. And because we never know when the HG will prompt us, we have to be worthy and in the right atmosphere to receive impressions all the time.  That’s why were counselled to always live worthy and keep our body free of influences of any kind that can pollute our spirit.  


Loved to see all the pictures of you at the beach, you all look healthy and it was good to see you away from work and relaxing a little bit.  Rest is an important part of work, as is recovery.  I love you Dad, stay strong and safe and I will see you in no time. 

Elder Merrill




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