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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 13, 2014


It’s been another great and spiritually challenging week in the field. After some instruction given to us by our ZL's and mission president in the last zone training meeting, I’ve focused on a lot of the little aspects of obedience and  I’ve been able to see the blessing of obedience as I’ve made it a focus, I feel good and happy.

The many many concepts concerning eternal mysteries of the two churches in this world.  1nephi 14 I believe, maybe 2 Nephi 14. There are save two churches only, what a true statement!

It can be easy to stare at this massive church that is our opposition and feel intimidated because of its vast and expansive control over the world. How lost we would be without a Prophet to warn us and guide in the right way. It surprises me yet, even with saints who are aware of the prophet and his warnings, who disregard the warnings and commandments given us through their words. Many saints will cry, all is well in Zion, yet the devil has their hearts, and is carefully leading them down to the endless misery of captivity through ignorance and deceit.

You’ll never believe it, because I didn’t either... they keep me busy here, and I tend to get pretty stressed from time to time working on a million things at once. My companions actually found a pretty significant presence of grey hairs on my head.  What the flip.... I literally have grey hairs. It’s mad.

I had a great conversation with a Muslim guy last night. We tracted into a home and were let in, and the father of 4 and I spoke for quite some time about the Kuran, we will go back Wednesday to introduce the book of Mormon and the great apostasy.  The man was pretty surprised about how much I knew, should be interesting. I’ll let you know what happens.

My comp and I are doing fine, I’m doing great. Happy, stressed but happy. Moves are this week. I’ll let you know what happens, should be interesting.

I definitely feel the spirit, his promptings to me are very quiet and very subtle, and most the time they just come as thoughts in my head. But they are there, and I recognize them. You and dad always taught me to pay attention to the spirit, so thankfully I never feel alone or without guidance. Like my blessing says, pray and listen.  Pray and listen again and you will receive an answer.

Have a great week, I love you all and you’re in my mind often.

Elder Merrill


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