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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 20, 2014


Moves call has come. I’m being reassigned to serve in the branch in Perth, Scotland! Yes I’m smiling I’m super excited to go back to Scotland.  It’s a wee branch of 20 to 30 or so, so I’ll fit in nicely.  Just where I’m comfortable and I will be back home in Scotland.  I’m excited to be back in the loop in Scotland, I’ve been waiting to return since I left it.  My new companion is Elder Arvig, heard not too much about him. But I’ll let you know next week, I transport on Tuesday.

I like the comments about the Lords ways being simple.  The lords ways are transparent, clear, and obvious.  Just like sending your kid on a mission, you know what they’re doing, and when they’ll be home and this brings you peace. He, God, probably worries about our salvation more than we do.  He sends SO MANY TOOLs to help us stay on the right path. They are simple, look at the brass snake, and be saved.  But because of the easiness of the way, and the pride of men wrought in their hearts by Satan, they die.  I recall the words of Nephi, oh Gentiles, why will ye turn from the ways of our Fathers, for they truly testified of Christ, who should come, that if they did not humble themselves before God, and endure faithful to the end, they could not inherit the Kingdom of God, why will ye die?

Because of pride, secret combinations and temptation men bind themselves in captivity. I love to be free; someone asked me last week what my favorite thing about the Gospel was. I responded, Freedom. Agency, Will and Faith bring to pass happiness and pride brings captivity, which is bondage, the opposite of happiness.

I know it, dad knows it, Moroni knew it, and you obviously know it and love it.  Thanks for the freedom, clearly you knew better than I all along the difference between false "freedom" that the world gives, and true freedom that comes from keeping God's commandments.  Thanks to you and Dad for the guidance.

I’m doing great, happy and excited for Scotland, I will miss the Elders I’ve served here with though, they are my brothers and we have come very close. I’ll keep you updated. Love you, miss you!

I’m sending letters.

Elder Merrill


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