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Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 24, 2014

Trying to find new investigators this last week was difficult.  On the few occasions that we had a chance to talk with some new people and set some return appointments, the appointments were cancelled or dodged in every case but one.  That one case was a man named ……. who lives in Methven. We taught  him about the Book of Mormon and the restoration and had a couple of great lessons, he has pretty eccentric ideals and also has some pretty weird beliefs.  ……. was convinced that man(adam) was created by mortal yet superior beings for the purpose of inhabiting the earth to dig and mine for gold which was used as a high grade conductor in the beings civilization, and that the superior beings left behind some of their own, which are the aborigines and native American/south americans and that's why everyone hates them. Honest to Ghandi though he isn't crazy, he is a smart truth seeking kind of guy, just has some of these weird ideas.  Oh and he can hear the earth hum.  That too. 

Well Mom I love you very much, thanks for being the amazing mother you are and for your example.  God created man, in Adam we fell, and in Christ we shall rise again.  This is Gods church, and is the perfectly restored church of Jesus Christ.  It is true, I know it!

Elder Merrill 

 To his Sister,
Things for me are going well sis, I love being on mission, do you think I should extend 3 months? Ive given that some thought... tell me what you think. The weather is starting to warm up. Our investigators and converts are doing well, so happy and its great to literally watch their lives get better as the gospel works on them. Faith, Repentance, Baptism and Confirmation, Endure to the End and that's it! Easy- peasy. (Endure to the End may or may not include getting married in the temple, having a family, providing for your family, raising your family, become educated, work and get money and use it wisely, serve others, be humble, read scriptures daily, pray always, develop unbreakable faith, attend thousands of hours of church and auxiliary meetings, work in voluntary non paid callings for years at a time, pay 10% of everything you make plus donating to the poor and other charities, be selfless, patient, happy and live your life as close to as perfect as the Creator Redeemer Saviour and Master of the whole entire world.)

I love you sydnee, Jesus Christ loves you and knows you, I am so happy to know your living the life God intended you to live.  Keep It up,

Elder Merrill


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