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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Spirit is leading my lessons


Dear Family,
This will be a better letter then the last.  You guys would like to hear that I’m really starting to get the spirit to lead in my lessons, of which I give a dozen every day.  Thanks so much for the package. 
Dad and Mom, I miss you guys and having someone to come home to and talk to and share things with.  I also miss practical advice.  But today, I did my laundry on my own and I did just fine!

Syd and Evan, you two stay out of trouble and respect mom and dad.  Without me around, Sydnee, you know you are the example for Evan.  I know you are perfect for this obligation and you’ll be an awesome example.  You are a great sister and I’ll miss hearing about your days.  Do great on the tennis team this season.  Evan, you are an example to your friends, they all look up to you a lot.  I know you are a great kid and I’m proud of you.
Good luck in school and work everyone.  Each of you tell me something interesting.

I love my companion and all the fellas in my district.  Love Ya’ll.  May the wind be at your back!
Elder Merrill

P.S. I got 8 hours of sleep and 3 full meals today and still fell asleep twice today.  It’s a lot to adjust!


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