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Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 4

Elder Tinsley and Elder Merrill

Dear Family,

The birthday package was awesome, you all know me so well!  The tie is fantastic, and made me laugh (Donald Trump).  All the food was like the perfect gift, all of it much needed.  Thanks for the money too, I love you all.

Things are going well here in Stranraer.  It’s been sunny quite a bit recently, and it’s been up to 12 C, that’s pretty warm.  The golf course is beautiful, we might go use the range today if we have time.  On clear days, it’s hard to miss how beautiful this area really is.  We’re tucked in the back of a large bay with beautiful rolling hills at our sides, and you can see Ireland out of the bay if you look close.

Our flat is cold and bland but we livened it up a bit.  Since my b-day, we have eaten steak and chips every night!!  It’s cheap here, steak is, and it’s good.  I do the cooking; seriously, I cook the steak like a boss.  Like A Boss!

We now have one new investigator; the wife of a less active fellow named Mike Harvey, her name is Emma.  I’m going to commit her to baptism tonight.  I prayed about it, and after teaching the Restoration tonight, she’ll be ready. 

Church here is so different but very spiritual.  Elder Tinsley and I do the sacrament, and it takes one brother less than a minute to pass it about the congregation. We also give the invocation and benediction.  The blessing of serving in Stranraer is more than I could ask for. 
Mom, if a woman named Sister Mary McRobb calls home and wants to talk, she is a nice member in the branch and be warned she can talk all day.  But she basically pulled your number out of me, I only gave her the home number.  I was hesitant to hand it out, but she is very kind and feeds us.  Her husband, Duncan, is also a great member.  He is 80, but acts and looks 60.  He can run, jump, bend down and yell better than any man 40 years younger.  He has been a member since he was 50.  Awesome guy.  The McRobb’s provide us with most of our referrals, probably half of the referrals we get, around 7 a week.  All the members here are amazing, and have basically adopted us.  At church yesterday, the sisters in the branch all brought me a birthday cake.  It’s incredible, the spirit and souls of the people here is unmatched anywhere in Scotland or Ireland.  It’s so good to be the companionship to open up this part of the mission.  So lucky!

Although, these next few words will be hard to believe, they are true.  We went to Subway today, and I ordered a Spicy Italian Sandwich (foot long) on flatbread.  She said she was surprised I ordered flatbread, because Subway hadn’t even launched it in the UK, but was actually starting flatbread in its stores starting next Wednesday, the 24th of April.  She then said Subway was beginning the new bread by putting it in stores in the south of Scotland and England, then moving North.  She said several stores in the south of Scotland already had the bread, but weren’t to release it till this Wednesday.  She then asked if I wanted to be the first person in the UK to have a flatbread sandwich at Subway.  I said, of course.  So, today, the 22nd of April, I, Elder Merrill was the first person to eat a Subway foot long sandwich on flatbread in the entire United Kingdom.  Cool huh?  I thought so.  It was good!

While walking to a dinner appointment early last week, a man called out to us, yelling a bunch of rubbish to us from a wee window on the second story of a house on McDowell Street.  We were like, “What?”  He asked if we were Jehovah’s Witnesses, as they have territory in Stranraer, and we replied that we were Mormons.  He said, “Oh.”  He then invited us in, we talked for about 15 minutes then we had to go but we left a BOM with him.  He said he felt prompted to call to us.  Interesting!  Anyways, hope you’re having fun looking at all photo’s of where I live.  Hope this letter finds you all well.  I miss y’all, and I love all of you.

Elder Merrill
P.S. Elder Tinsley sings on a regular basis!

P.S...Please send my address to all my friends!

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