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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My district feels like family!

April 6, 2013
I can only send a few pictures with each email so bear with me.  Things are going good, the days are meshing together.  I am learning a lot and I feel ready to get out to the field.  My companion and I are still getting along great and our district of six guys are like family now.  You will see picture of my district and my comp.  My companion is Elder Edwards and he is the redheaded kid.  Thanks Sydnee for the laundry bag. It is  like a luxury here!  I owe you one.
Mom and Dad, we leave early Tuesday so if you guys are going send me a letter before I leave, best do it by Saturday and no later.
Mom, I’m not sure when ill be able to get back to you, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I wish I could be there to give you a hug and sing your happy birthday song.  I miss you and even though I’m doing great it’s been a difficult experience doing things all on my own.  Anyways, I miss you guys and I’ve got to go but I’ll send as many pictures as I can in the next little while.
I’m definitely learning that, every day the spirit becomes a bigger and bigger part of my lesson. It’s been so interesting to experience the spirit having such a large role in my life every day.
love y'all.

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