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Monday, April 8, 2013

First letter from the MTC!

Dear Family,
So far the MTC is a lot of fun, but it is also a ton of work.  I’m constantly moving and my companion and I are either studying, eating or walking to a class.  We do everything with our district, made up of 6 awesome guys all going to the same mission.  We all get along great and it feels as if we have known each other for years.  All six of us are in a 190 sq ft room, with 6 beds and all the luggage as well.  It’s very crowded, but it works.  There is almost no time to write, ever.  I hope I get more time in the field or I am pooched.  It’s taken a while to get used to missionary life and things like shaking girl’s hands and calling everyone Elder or Sister.  My companions name is elder Edwards from Cedar City.  He’s cool and we get along great.  By now, all six of us already speak to each other with Scottish accents, very strong ones, similar to the accent in “So I Married an Axe Murderer.”  It’s hilarious and I have the best accent by far, according to the guys.  The foods great and I’m trying to drink lots of water.  I am tired all the time, even though I got plenty of sleep last night.  I guess I’ll get used to it.  I’ll email you all on my next P-day.  There is seriously NO TIME to even get to visit Mike or Carson.  We are always hustling from place to place, running up and down stairs, it’s crazy.  But the Spirit is great all day and I’m learning a lot!  Got to go, haven’t been able to get to the mail yet so I hope I haven’t gotten too much mail or cookies or anything of that sort.  Love you all.  Miss you all.  Hear from you soon!

-Elder Tanner Merrill
P.S. I am doing great, so don’t worry.  Write back, I’ll get back to you as quick as I can.  I’m always in a hurry.  My district: Elder Merrill and Elder Edwards, Elder Goldie and Elder Facer, Elder Hutchins and Elder Anderson

Sorry I barely have any time to email. We are busy all day and in the classroom studying almost 12 hours every day. I miss you all but I am doing great. The spirit is strong and I am learning so fast. Just in the last two days I have felt a huge, huge, huge improvement in my ability and confidence in teaching the gospel. I’ve really been able to let the spirit take over my lesson and it’s been a very eye opening, humbling, yet empowering experience. I love you all and I’m having a great time! Thanks for the package and the letter it was like christmas and my district loves you. Thanks! Yummy stuff. I’ll talk to you guys later. Write back

Dad, thanks so much for all your lessons and support you’ve given me up till now. Everything you’ve taught me has counted and I’m growing and I definitely have the spirit on my side. Thanks for being a great dad and example.

Mom, I love you so much and miss you. Thanks for showing me how to be social and make friends. You’ve been so great and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have raised me. Thanks for teaching me how to do laundry!

Syd, you are a fantastic person and you have an amazing soul. I miss you and I hope your school is going great. Keep it up!
Evan, sorry I have no time buddy but I love you and your the man. Keep up the good work, be a good example to your friends and listen to mom and dad.

Love you all!

Elder Merrill
I love rasberry cinnamon rolls!

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