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Monday, April 15, 2013

April 8, 2013 (highlights of his letter)
Dear Family,
I am so excited to leave for Scotland in the morning.  My experience here at the MTC has already changed who I am and has made my relationship with God exponentially stronger.

Dad, thank you for your letter it’s spiritual significance was so great and your encouragement was also great.  There just isn’t anything quite like encouragement from one’s father.  Thanks again Dad!
There is a replica of the “Act Well thy Part” stone carved into a rock in the MTC.  It was so cool to see it and to dwell on it for a moment.  I took a second to pray in that moment, the same way David O McKay did.  I’m confident, but humbled.  The fields of Scotland are white, ready to harvest.  I’m going to gather the sheep, and bring them back to the Shepherd.

Well, I’m off.  Thanks so much for your letters and care packages.  I’ll fly safe.  Today my district called me the Elder Navy Seal Body Guard of the trip, which I accepted.  Love you all, and may God be with you till we meet again.
Elder Merrill

P.S. The family scrapbook was such a blessing.  It is so good to have memories of such good times.  We are all so blessed!  My best preparation for the MTC was the time I spent with my family.  Thanks for building me up.  Love you all.

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