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Monday, January 5, 2015

Dec 1, 2014


It’s been a great week, full of thanksgiving.  First of all, the bishop’s family fed us on Thursday, giving us a full Thanksgiving meal just like at home.  The next day we were fed by Mike, a less active member, who fed us loads of mince burger and chips, then Saturday night we had the ward thanksgiving and Scottish dance activity, and ate loads there as well.  Tonight and every night this week besides Saturday we are getting fed by members, I'm pretty stuffed full of good food and I think it won’t matter how hard I try I will likely put on some weight this season.  The members of Liff ward are certainly taking good care of us, we are also seeing an increased desire in them to do missionary work and invite their friends.  The potential energy is high, we think we just need an initial success, a couple baptisms, to get the momentum going and send the whole thing off.

We are teaching the husband of a member here, his name is …. and he's not religious at all but is always up for a good challenge.  As part of our lesson plan, we decided to challenge him to a test of faith.  He works at the city market 4 days a week, one of those days being Sundays, and this is his main excuse for not coming to church.  He says Sunday is his best day for profit, and it would put him way behind if he missed it. Our challenge was for him to go to church on Sunday, and not attend the market, with the promised that he would make more money that week by attending church.  He was passive about accepting the challenge but told us to keep our eyes peeled on Sunday.  Unfortunately, he didn't show up.  Nevertheless, it was a great faith building experience and we felt the spirit guide us through trying to plan according to his needs. 

We have a had a week of much finding and seeking new friends to teach, and have managed two new investigators.  Also we visited a couple, David and Kayli, who was that couple we stopped on the street after missing our bus stop.  David was the one we thought we were going to teach, but after a few minutes of speaking with them, it was clear that Kayli was the one prepared to receive our message.  Not long after beginning our discussion, and after testifying that they could understand Gods plan and know that this was his true church through the Holy Spirit, Kayli asked, "what do I need to do so that I can know that".  GOLDEN question right there, we have an appointment with them on Friday I believe, looking forward to it.  Plus we may go golfing with David soon. 

We were pulled into a surprise conference on Friday to implement the "He is the Gift" initiative.  Go to if you've not heard mention of it yet.  We are using cards, the website and other resources to integrate the "true meaning of Christmas" into our finding and teaching.  I'm pretty cool with it, seeing as how I've been very turned off at how the world celebrates Christmas; to me it’s the worldliest time of the year, where Christ is far from the hearts of men.  So this is perfect. 

Thanks for your email Dad; I hope you have a great week.  I love this work, can't wait to see you soon and catch up on all that is going on. Love you Dad,


Elder Merrill


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