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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

December 27, 2014

Hey Dad,
It certainly was great to see you all.  The package was wonderful and I will be reaping the goodies therein for weeks to come.  Everyone was jealous of the SOBE drinks ha-ha they are gold.   Great to see you and to speak with the family this week.  It’s a great blessing to have a wonderful righteous family of Ephraimites. I look forward to spending time with all of you greatly, occasionally I think of what it will be like to again hike, golf, play tennis and watch political TV, oh and eat dinner with all of you again.  Good times, the things I remember.  I express gratitude daily to God for you and your great example, you’re a great Father and I am motivated in many of the things I do to respect our family name and to make you proud.

It’s been an interesting week here in Glasgow, indeed it’s a big city and occasionally quite dodgy.  It’s been getting colder and today is especially foggy, but we were still out all day working hard.  Late last night, after 9pm in fact, we turned the corner and watched the last bus of the night drive away.  We were a good ways from home and in Drumchapel, which is a very dodgy part of town.  It was obviously dark and pretty cold, and I was pretty ticked that we missed our bus, especially because we got within about 100 yards of it before it drove away.  We got just close enough to see that it was indeed our bus and that we had missed it.  We began walking home, which at full speed took us about a half hour.  Not too bad, but annoying, really annoying.

Thanks for the kilt money; I'm excited to look around for some deals which I'm sure are plentiful as it is just post-Christmas.  

We are spending New Year’s Day with Pierre, a recent convert here.  He's the guy whose home I skyped from on Christmas.  He's the epitome of a good guy.  

The golf clubs got me way excited ha-ha not much has made me trunky but seeing the clubs made me excited to be home to use them.  

Glad to hear the Keoghs contacted you, they were so good to us and are really good friends.  I believe there is a picture of me on their fridge now as well so that’s funny. Sister Keogh will have us over for dinner when we visit Dundee this coming year, she would love that.  She always reminded me of mom in a lot of ways.

Thanks for everything, have a great week and a great new year! Love you,
Elder Merrill



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