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Monday, January 5, 2015

November 27, 2014

Hey Mum,

I'm sending Dads letter today or tomorrow, its been so very busy and I literally have been giving it as much time as I can.  It has been great to sit down and write these letters, they allow me to think back and ponder on things I've learned, both from my mission and from you two.  I have come once again to a realization of the many blessings God has granted me in my life, I could attempt to name several but for the sake of saving time, of which I have little of today, I won't.  I will say though I stand all amazed as I ponder on my upbringing, our family, and all the time I've been able to spend with you two growing up.  I'm so grateful for it all.

I'm happy to hear the business is doing well.  I pray for this quite consistently, so thanks for letting me know.  On that note, prayer that is, Wednesday mornings all the missionaries in Dundee get together at Baxter park and pick up litter as a service project.  Before leaving our flat to go there, I prayed that someone would be able to appreciate the work we do and be grateful for it too, so that we could know that we are spending our time well.  About 20 minutes into the litter pick, while talking to some of the sister missionaries, a guy walked up and thanked us for the work we do every week in the park.  He also said that his sister was LDS and had moved to Utah a couple years earlier.  Cool. 

Afterwards we and the other two Elders in the ward took lunch at our house.  We cooked them pasta and sausage with macaroni sauce, and then made a few pumpkin cookies.  They were amazing and I'm grateful that they weren't too hard to make, but thanks for sending them.  The guys loved them and send their thanks.  I loved them more, thanks mom.  I slipped and told sister Johnson, that we were going to make them, and now I'll be making her and Sister Solum, her companion some as well.


Sorry I am emailing on Wednesday, we were golfing on Monday and ran out of time, well we were planning on being back but it ran over and we had a dinner appointment get rescheduled into our pday time.   Other than that, I gave a district meeting this week on the value of personal conversion and how to best use the spirit in finding.  My invitation was to do that harvesting thing your friend Todd Mortensen sent me, and to read PMG at least 10 mins a day to learn the simple way to teach the lessons. DL is fun.

Great to hear from you mom, I love you and miss you and Dad.  I like getting emails from both of you individually, yes it does take more time to respond and I tend to be rushed but I prefer to hear from you both.  That is, if you guys have the time. A short one is okay, totally fine.  Thanks for being a wonderful family, I could not ask for more and I mean that.  Take good care and have a great week, your in my prayers,

Elder Merrill


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