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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dec 15, 2014

Glad to hear that you saw the Choir Concert.  I must say if I knew you guys would be watching I would have waved at the camera or something.  Must have been facebook or something, Becky is always putting stuff from her videos online.  I hope you enjoyed it, it took lots of work and it was well applauded.  How much of it did you see?  I had a sore throat all day, but it turned out fine. 

Okay, moves call.  I received a new assignment from President Brown to serve as a DL in Clydebank in the City of Glasgow.  I'll be serving with a German, Elder Zander, whom I've met before.  I will spend my last few months in Glasgow and finish my mission there. Should be good, I know several people there and everyone I talk to who has been there has loved it.  Spending Christmas there was very unexpected but I just pray that I can carry out the assignment that the Lord expects of me successfully.

Thanks for your prayers and support, have a wonderful week and know that I love you.  I should get that package this next week, but I look forward to seeing you guys Christmas most of all.

See you soon,
Elder Merrill

Our Christmas presents to ourselves.  Elder Oldham and Elder Merrill
Dundee Missionaries at Law Hill PDay

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