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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

December 22, 2014

Hey Dad,

This letter is to the whole family because our emailing time today is very limited, due to the fact that we will be skyping this Christmas day.  Looking forward to seeing you all and speaking with you for one final time before we meet again.  What a good question Bro Renstrom asked, your email was good today Dad.  Especially the story from Grandpa Champion, what a guy, what a story.  There is no denying it; this church is Gods kingdom on earth. 

So much great news! Thanks for the updates on everything.  It’s great to hear about family and to know everyone still remembers me.  The pictures of the family gatherings were great reminders of the many blessings we enjoy back home, can't wait to see everyone again.

Spiced Walnuts, oooo I love those things, I've learned a lot of things and become a bit wiser but I must admit I would probably still eat those nuts until they made me sick.

So far Glasgow is interesting.  My companion, Elder Zander, and I get along fine.  The Elders in my district are doing very well.  I'm a DL over a team of English Elders and Sisters, and two Chinatown Chinese speaking Elder teams.  The Chinese teams baptize darn near weekly. 

Hopefully I should skype around 10am your time but be ready for any time, be watchful of your emails in case I need to make changes. Can't wait to see you.  If I had three minutes left to live, I too would bear my own testimony of the savior.  And do some speedy repenting.  God knows I need it.  Love you family.  Merry Christmas, see you soon.

Elder Merrill

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