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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan 12, 2015


Elder Zander is European.  We actually get along quite well.  He likes soccer and football.  He's a software guy, a video game sort of person.  He has a funny sense of humor.  He has a respectable work ethic as well.  He is 5 foot 10 and thin as a rail.  Good kid.

Interesting week, I did my second baptismal interview for .....  I was unable to attend his baptism as Elder Zander was sick with stomach issues all day.  All day in the flat, I read a lot.  He's better now so were out and about.  It was the first time I've missed church in well over two years.

The weather is trying to kill us.  Winds over 100 mph and rain, it soaks into our flat which is on the third floor and we constantly change the towels the soak it up, circulating the dry ones for wet.  This is Scotland, and it’s never going to let me forget it.  I do love this country, I don't want to live here but a part of me will always be here, of course.  So many friends and places I can call home dot this Island. I'm grateful for these last few months especially.  There has been something especially humbling and edifying about them.  The rate at which I change and grow has increased as my mission days tick away.  No sign of slowing down, but the cliff ahead clearly in sight. 

I love you mom, have a great week and enjoy dinner with the Oldham’s and Trewartha’s and give them all a hello from Glasgow.  The Kilt tartan is Grey Highlander, its £230.  Brand new and top quality.  

Take care Mum, thanks for everything

Elder Merrill


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