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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan 5, 2015


Merry Christmas, I was wondering when/ if that would get there.  I prayed hard that it would safely travel home, as I spent nearly a year on it.  I figured it would be the most valuable of gifts to send to you, and its made my week to hear what you think of it. I hope that if anything, it will portray my own personal conversion and growth to you, and how grateful I am to you as a family. I put in those things I thought would be most applicable to our family collectively, and of course in some instances, pondered over words to write to you individually.  It was a great blessing to spend all time with you all in mind, stewing over the verses of scripture considering all the needs of each member of our family. It was a great time and now that I know you have it, it was all worth it.

I'm happy to know that you can see and rejoice in my testimony and conversion.  I rejoice in your rejoicing!  I have been converted, and I do know.

Its interesting when you go back and think about your life as you would if you were writing a short summary or autobiography.  Its great to reflect on the things I know about your life and who you are. You certainly never wasted time, nor gave up, you were in it for the long haul and I'm so grateful to see that you are successful.  You are, as a father, as an employer, as a member of Christ's church and a son in God's family, successful.  Like Nephi of old I know of my father's goodness and his calling and have received a confirming witness to know the things that you know. 

My mission slowly comes to a close, the close of this priceless chapter of my life.  Its crazy, can you remember these last few months?  Craziness.  But at the same time I'm content, it feels right that my full time service is nearly done, and it feels right that I will go home soon.

I too know I've been led by the spirit many times throughout my mission, in retrospect I cannot think of any occasion when I've heard an audible voice, but it many different ways I've had guidance and direction.  In moms email, I share a story about an experience this last week where the Spirits influence was strong and lacked no clarity.  There is no doubt we are on the errand of our Father in Heaven, working out the purpose of God and all Gods.  Eternal increase from hereon and forever.  Thanks for everything Dad, have a great week.  Thanks for your great words, it all means so much.  I love you, and will see you soon.  your son,

Elder Merrill

ps I found a kilt.



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